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Buy shares on one of Australia's cheapest platforms! Minimums and platform fees, we don’t got ‘em. Intimidating jargon, not welcome. Tricky tech, fat chance. Fair Dinkum!


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About EasyEquities

Traditionally there has been a belief that investing is hard. There’s been a tendency to over-complicate the process and charge high fees which has excluded the vast majority of people. In truth it’s not complicated at all. Or even expensive.


EasyEquities is a unique investment platform that puts your wealth creation, in your hands.


Our DIY platform offers you access to local and international markets, at super-low cost.

Group 14

No minimum trade values and no monthly platform fees enables investors to invest as little or as much as they can afford in the brands they love and is simply…Easy.

Group 15

0.10% on Australian Shares and ETFs traded, 0.25% on US shares and ETFs traded.

What makes us different


Low cost


Easy Interfaces and
beautiful design


No Monthly Fees


Earn Zero Brokerage on
our Loyalty Program Thrive


Fractional investing
in US Shares


Single account for
US and Aus shares


winning platform


Mobile and Web
based platforms


Ways to Invest

There are a few different ways to invest in shares on the market, depending on how you want your bucks to work for you. Have a peek at some of ours!


Shares as you like them

Invest in companies listed on the ASX or US Stock exchanges.


ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds

A collection of shares that follow market themes, one time!

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Own your first share

Invest in the brands you know and love

Every day of our lives we invest in the brands and products we love when we spend our money with them, so why shouldn’t we start investing in their shares?


Pricing Breakdown

Australian Equities
US Equities
Trade Size ASX Shares
Commission 0.10%
US Shares
Commission 0.25%
$10 $0.01 $0.025
$100 $0.10 $0.25
$1 000 $1.00 $2.50
$5 000 $5.00 $12.50
$1 0000 $10.00 $25.00


Detailed Cost Profile

Competitor Analysis

Australian Equities
US Equities
Online Broker Commission - ASX Shares
(AUD $1000 trade)
Commission - US Shares
(USD $1000 trade)
FX Rate (AUD $1000)
EasyEquities AUD $1.00 USD $2.50 AUD $6.00
CommSec AUD $19.95 USD $19.95  AUD $6.00
CMC AUD $11.00 USD $0.00 AUD $6.00
IG Group AUD $8.00 USD $0.00 AUD $7.00
Nab Trade AUD $14.95 USD $14.95 AUD $5.00 - $8.00
BellDirect AUD $15.00 Not Available Not Available
Westpac AUD $19.95 USD $19.95 AUD $6.00
ANZ AUD $19.95 USD $59.00 AUD $6.00
SelfWealth AUD $9.50 Not Available Not Available
Stake Not Available USD $0.00 AUD $7.00
Superhero AUD $5.00 Not Available Not Available

* Correct as at 10/10/2020



No Minimums, No monthly fees

Sign up and get $10 on us to start your investment journey*.
Receive an extra $10 for every successful referral to the platform.

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*Please note: Sign up bonus only available to Australian residents (please refer to the definition of "Aus Residents" as contained in the EasyEquities Terms and Conditions). You may not withdraw your sign-on bonus and/or transfer your sign-on bonus for the purposes of withdrawing the funds for a period of 3 years from the date of deposit.

Passive Investing more your thing?



Passive investing more your thing? An ETF is a security that trades like a stock but tracks an index, commodity or other basket of assets. All the top ETFs available in the same account

ETFs cards

Cheap as chips and easy as pie, now you can take that first (or next) step in your investing journey!